Experimental College Classes

Not Enough? Take Some Classes!

Our great sagely teacher at the club also offers Tai Chi classes at the UC Davis Experimental College (aka the EC). We highly recommend anyone new to Tai Chi take a class at the EC so they can get a good foundation and learn the basics. While we're all willing to teach at the club, most of us are students too (not masters!) So sign up! and get your friends to come along, too!

Here is a quick list of classes offered at the Experimental College taught by Sifu Daniel Quincy this Fall Quarter 2009. More details and descriptions are available at the Experimental College website:

Tai Chi and Ch'i Kung (201-1)

  • Class Information:
    • Beginners' Tai-Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) solo Short Form and introductory Chi Kung (Qigong) energy work for health, relaxation, inner martial training and self-defense. Research shows that tai chi can be great for your circulation, joints, visceral massage, balance, and helps stabilize blood pressure, reduce effects of tension due to stress.
  • Class schedule:

Tai Chi Chuan - Martial Play (201-2)

  • Class Information:
    • "Pushing Hands", T'ai-Chi Ch'uan T'ui Shou ( Taijiquan Tuishou ?), an internal martial art training practice and popular sport around the world, and San Shou "Free Hands", the choreographed sparring interactive play with a partner, engage you in active fun for great self-defense training. You will also learn training for competition play and some tournament judging. (We need able players- Judges at tournaments; learn to be one!)
  • Class schedule:
    • 201-2a: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 12:10-12:50 pm. Course Page.
    • 201-2b: Thursdays Thursdays 7:30-8:50pm. Course Page.

Tai Chi Sabre (201-5)

  • Class Information:
    • Traditional Yang Family style T?ai-Chi Tao "Willow Leaf" Broadsword / Sabre ( Taiji Dao ) Form, is a great workout, beautiful to perform, develops the crouching, bounding energy of a relentless tiger. Wear easy to move in clothing, dress for weather
  • Class schedule:
About Daniel Quincy

Sifu Daniel Quincy, Ph.D., is a full-time T''ai-Chi (taiji) instructor/educator. He has practiced Yang family style T''ai-Chi Ch''uan (taijiquan) since 1978, and has taught since 1986. He was a member of the 1990 Tai Chi Team USA. He is fortunate to have learned the San Shou practices from Peter Ralston, the 1978 KuoShou World Champion, and T''ai-Chi Jian/Khim "sword" with two renowned masters of this art (Master Choy,Kam-Man, and Master Hu,Yuen-Chou, both of whom are now deceased). He has won numerous medals in national and international competition exhibiting this art. Sifu Quincy is a founding member of both the National Qigong Association and the American Qigong Association.

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