Practice Times


Tai Chi Club Practices:

Each of these practices focus on different aspects of Tai Chi or related forms of martial arts and are led by club members. These practices are opened to all who are interested, regardless of experience.

(You do not have to attend all of the practices offered. You can just pick a form that you are interested in and attend that each week.)


Other Classes for Summer 2010:

Sifu Daniel
'Long River' version of the traditional Yang Family Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan Form, which is done with a very low stance in a super large/long 'frame', extended stance.
Learning to practice this version of the Yang Style would be a great compliment to learning the T'ai Chi Kun (Gun) Staff / Pole Form, — get you in great shape!
Tuesday 7:00 - 8:00am @ Chestnut Park (more info contact <moc.liamg|ufiSce#moc.liamg|ufiSce>)
*Voluntary donation / 'Trade' basis*

Experimental College Classes «»
201-1 Tai Chi & Ch'i Kung – Tuesday 12:00 - 12:50pm
201-2 T'ai Chi Ch'uan Martial Play – Wednesday 12:00 – 12:50pm
Anyone who is a current Club member, and has taken either of these classes before, is welcome to drop in on that class (but EC registration would be good for regular attendance). -Daniel

About Daniel Quincy

Sifu Daniel Quincy, Ph.D., is a full-time T''ai-Chi (taiji) instructor/educator. He has practiced Yang family style T''ai-Chi Ch''uan (taijiquan) since 1978, and has taught since 1986. He was a member of the 1990 Tai Chi Team USA. He is fortunate to have learned the San Shou practices from Peter Ralston, the 1978 KuoShou World Champion, and T''ai-Chi Jian/Khim "sword" with two renowned masters of this art (Master Choy,Kam-Man, and Master Hu,Yuen-Chou, both of whom are now deceased). He has won numerous medals in national and international competition exhibiting this art. Sifu Quincy is a founding member of both the National Qigong Association and the American Qigong Association.

Club events and practices are also available to see in a public google calendar.
Or, if you have a google account you can search for the calendar ("Tai Chi Club at UC Davis Calendar") and add it to your account.

Practice Locations

East Quad

We usually practice at the 'decomposed granite' area at the East side of the MU Quad, opposite Dutton Hall and South Hall, off of East Quad Drive.

If the weather is rainy or very windy, then practices that are usually on the East Quad will move to the covered courtyard of Young Hall or Voorhies. We meet at the East Quad at the beginning of the practice and usually wait about 5 minutes before moving to a new location. If you don't see us at the usual spot, then please go to Young Hall or Voorhies to check for us!

University Club

For the bigger campus map, click here.

Surge VI

We also meet at the courtyard/deck under the awning of Surge IV. There is also a nice grassy field nearby if we need more space.

Eucalyptus Grove

We meet somewhere around the red areas. Just have a look around for us.

Other Locations

From time to time we borrow the EC's Dance/Yoga/MartialArts Room, located in the South Silo Building Rm.280, above the Silo Law Bookstore, practically at the center of the University of California Davis campus.

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