Push Hands

(Still under construction!)

These practices are mainly led by Andrea Rossi, who practiced Chen style for more than eight years. He is actually leaving on March, 2009, so you all should definitely take advantage of his knowledge before he is gone.

The first five minutes of the push hands practice will consist of stretching to warm up and loosen the body. The next five minutes will be devoted to a short solo form. After that, we will be devoting another five minutes to practice standing meditation. On the remaining 35 minutes, we will actually practice some pushing hands. This can either be done individually or with a partner.

Pushing hands, in its rawest form, is just the reaction to movement. Nothing is done without reason. If an opponent pushes you, you move. If he does not push you, you do not move (Please correct me if I'm wrong). In the push hand practices, we try to emphasize these principles in order to eliminate movement without thought. We also heavily train on good posture and internal movement.


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