Push Hands Ladder Tourney


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final Ladder Order Name Weight
1 Jonathan BETTENCOURT 160lbs
2 Daniel QUINCY 150lbs
3 Edgar WAI 110lbs

The first ever 'UC Davis PUSHING HANDS Taijiquan Tuishou (Tai Chi Ch'uan T'ui shou) Ladder Tourney' bouts were held this Sunday evening (4/11/2010) in Central Park (at 3rd/4th & C Streets in Davis, CA). It was organized by the members of the Tai Chi Club at UC Davis.

Under heavily overcast skies, and sometimes under pouring rain such that the 'Farmer's Market' Awning structure had to be used for shelter, the contestants…

  • Jonathan BETTENCOURT - 160 lbs - (UC Davis undergraduate Senior majoring in Aeronautical Space Engineering)
  • Daniel QUINCY - 150 lbs - (Penn State 1974 PhD Biophysics, retired researcher, … current TAI CHI Club Coach)
  • Edgar WAI - 110 lbs - (UC Davis 2010 PhD Electrical Engineering)

…engaged in a a series of bouts according to 'slightly modified' U.S. Wushu Union 2002 Competition Rules and Judging Guidelines.

After a series of engagements between all of the contestants, lasting a total of approximately 90 minutes, in the closing bouts it resulted that the FINAL LADDER ORDER
for Sunday, 11 April, 2010 maintained the original starting lineup determined by weight of contestants.

1. BETTENCOURT … 160 lbs
2. QUINCY … 150 lbs
3. WAI … 110 lbs

It is expected that these PUSHING HANDS Ladder Tourneys will continue on a frequently recurring basis, possibly every Sunday evening.

Submitted by …
Daniel Quincy PhD Sifu Coach Tutor
916.670.0176 (mobile phone; voice, sms-text)

on behalf of the …

The TAI CHI Club at UC Davis
SPAC Office Box No.202
Memorial Union Building
University of California Davis
1 Shields Avenue
Davis CA 95616

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