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We are a club that practices Tai Chi and other related exercises at the UC Davis campus. Our members include undergraduate and graduate students, as well as staff and community members. Everyone is welcome to join us! Please browse around our website using the buttons in the navigation bar above, or just click some of the links below.

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Updates & Announcements

Summer Session II Schedule Updates

Two new practices have been added to the schedule. The Sword and Saber practice will be held on Mondays at 11am. In addition, there is a special super early morning practice at 6am on Wednesdays for those who are interested in practicing the Yang 24 Form. Both practices are held at the east quad.

Pushing Hands Ladder Tourney

The first ever 'UC Davis PUSHING HANDS Taijiquan Tuishou (Tai Chi Ch'uan T'ui shou) Ladder Tourney' bouts were held this Sunday evening (4/11/2010) in Central Park (at 3rd/4th & C Streets in Davis, CA). It is expected that these PUSHING HANDS Ladder Tourneys will continue on a frequently recurring basis, possibly every Sunday evening.

Final Ladder Order Name Weight
1 Jonathan BETTENCOURT 160lbs
2 Daniel QUINCY 150lbs
3 Edgar WAI 110lbs

You can read more about the details of the event here.—

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