Taoist Li Family Quan Fa Lessons

On Wednesdays we have a special treat! This series of Wednesday practices offered in March, April and May are a special event on the UC Davis campus. They are offered by Professor/Sifu Hunter, who had the privilege of learning from LaoBa Desmond Murray and his senior students.

LaoBa Murray is the President of the International Daoist Society (IDS), and Principal of The College of Chinese Physical Culture - Weihai Lishi Quanfa (威海李式拳法) Daoist Arts, Leeds, United Kingdom. Prof. Hunter is a faculty member here at UC Davis. She is the Director of the UC Multicampus Research Group in International Performance and Culture, Professor of the History of Rhetoric and Performance - Graduate Faculty Adviser in the Department of Theatre and Dance.

These Wednesday sessions will educate and prepare participants in some of the fundamental healing energy practices of the Taoist Li Family (李式 Lishi) healing and Ch'uan Fa (拳法 Quanfa) martial arts of the Weihai 威海 region of mainland China (that is, 威海李式拳法 Weihai Lishi Quanfa Daoist Arts). The focus of these sessions will be to work toward the practice of the fundamental healing arts with the use of a Stick as an implement.

LaoBa Murray is came to visit the UC Davis campus with several of his students and led a week of workshops April 27 through May 3, 2008. We hope to see Laoba Murray back in Davis next year!

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