The Tai Chi Club

The Tai Chi club at UC Davis is a club1 for those interested in doing Tai Chi and having fun!
We practice Tai Chi (t'ai-chi ch'uan : 太極拳 : tàijíquán / taijiquan)2 in its different traditional forms:

  • solo Form (ch'uan : 拳 : quán / quan)2 practice;
  • pushing hands (t'ui-shou : 推手 : tuīshǒu / tuishou)2 martial play;
  • traditional training with the following implements:
    • staff/pole (kun : 棍 : gùn / gun)2,
    • sabre/broadsword (tao : 刀 : dāo / dao)2,
    • straight sword (gien : 劍 : jiàn / jian)2;

and we also engage in other Tai Chi and Ch'i Kung (氣功 : qìgōng / qigong)2 related practices.

We welcome anyone who is interested and enthusiastic about Tai Chi, regardless of your experience. Everyone at the club is willing to teach those willing to learn. However, those who are new to this discipline are encouraged to take any of the recreational, not-for-credit courses of formal Tai Chi classes that are offered in the Martial Arts program at the Experimental College on the UC Davis campus (see Experimental College Classes for more information). This is because it is important to learn the fundamentals and basics from a master. (While all of us at the club like to teach we couldn't rightly say we are that skilled!)

Depending on their own interests, each club member is free to come to whatever practices they are interested in. After all, everyone is different. You do not have to attend every practice!

This year there are plans to have a few potlucks and movie nights as a whole club. We also plan on inviting other martial arts masters to Davis to hold workshops. Coming Spring quarter is the Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament which we can watch, if not compete in.

There is a yearly club fee to help pay for club expenses, social gatherings, and to help build a club library of books and other resources for Tai Chi and related martial arts. The fee is $5 for students and $10 for non-students. You can join the club any time throughout the year, just contact us. We will not collect this fee until after a week after our first general information meeting (starting October 27th) so that you can get a feel for what we do first. If you are currently enrolled in an Experimental College Tai Chi course then you are exempt from the fee.

Come join us! :) Join the mailing list by emailing Donovan for updates: <ude.sivadcu|ollirraccd#ude.sivadcu|ollirraccd>.

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1 For those of you who are new to the University of California Davis campus, The Tai Chi Club at UC Davis is an official Student Programs and Activities Center (SPAC) organization, and is open to undergraduate and graduate students, or Business School, Law School, or Medical School students, and also to any post-doctoral fellows, UC Davis staff, or faculty, or to any alumni, and also to Davis residents.
Basically anyone in the community of Davis, California, who is interested in the study, practice and play of Tai Chi is welcome to join us for study, practice and serious play!

2 In the bracketed items above we provide the romanized transliteration of the Mandarin Chinese as well as the Chinese traditional calligraphy characters ('tcc'), as follows:
(Wade-Giles : 'tcc' : Pin-Yin / 'westernized-pin-yin'-sans-tone-marks),
where the Wade-Giles romanization is the older system for transliterating the Chinese languages into a Roman alphabet derived system, which was developed specifically for European language speakers for use in their native language writing,
whereas the Pin-Yin romanization system was developed specifically by the People's Republic of China to facilitate a romanized writing literacy amongst Chinese Mandarin speaking people, and incorporates 'tone-marks' to indicate the all-important tonalities of each phonetic syllable.
We also provide the 'tone-mark'-less version of the Pin-Yin which is often used in westernized non-Chinese print publications, including most newsprint.
Please Note: If your browser does not support the representation of Chinese characters and/or of vowels with 'accent' marks over them, then you may be observing gobbledygook in their place!

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